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Due to bicentennial of Erste Bank in 2019 TimTeam updated the business papers and designed several advertising materials. Since 2017 TimTeam has designed several Logos for Erste Bank Oesterreich and revised the Logos of all Sparkasse branches.
For the internationally award-winning pianist Thomas Bachleitner-Hofmann TimTeam designed another CD in 2017. Late 2016 until early 2017 TimTeam worked on the Werner & Mertz Consumer Marketing Communication Handbook.
In 2015 TimTeam designed the Sparefroh-Manual with guidelines for using the Sparefroh logo, Sparefroh illustrations etc. and updated it in 2016. For all Sparkasse branches across Austria in 2014 TimTeam developed a standardized layout for geographical logo add ons.
Late 2012 until 2013 TimTeam defined the graphic guidelines for a consistent selection and usage of images for Raiffeisen Capital Management and designed the Manual in german and english. For Raiffeisen Capital Management TimTeam developed in 2012 the formatting guidelines for a consistent look of all advertising materials and designed the Manual in german and english.
To create a series with the CD from 2010 TimTeam designed the second CD for the internationally award-winning pianist Thomas Bachleitner-Hofmann in 2012. In 2011 TimTeam created the Raiffeisen e-force GmbH Corporate Design and re-designed it due to new Raiffeisen guidelines in 2012.
Together with New York artist Barbara Sandrisser TimTeam designed the first CD of the pianist Thomas Bachleitner-Hofmann in 2010. Due to the expansion of Erste Bank Group with Romania, Serbia and the Ukraine in 2009 TimTeam re-invented the concept of the Corporate Design Manual.
Late 2008 TimTeam created the Erste Group (Bank AG) Logo and designed the Corporate Design Manual. For Dr. Oliver Preyer's surgery TimTeam developed the Corporate Design in 2008 and designed all business papers as well as the surgery rooms.
In 2007 TimTeam developed guidelines for the folder concept of Erste Bank Group and updated the Corporate Design Manual. Since 2006 (5th edition: 2013) TimTeam is designing the "med.info" folder presenting the achievements of the Pensionsversicherungs-anstalt.
In 2006 TimTeam designed EUROBILLA's Corporate Design Manual as a template for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, the Ukraine and Russia. In 2005 until early 2006 TimTeam developed Erste Bank Group's Corporate Design Manual in german and english binding for Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia.
For Erste Bank Group TimTeam created numerous logos for the CEE countries. In 2005 TimTeam designed the image-part of Erste Bank Group's Annual Report in german, english and czech.
In 2004 TimTeam extended the Corporate Design system for the CEE countries of Erste Bank Group (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia). Due to new logos of Erste Bank and the Sparkassen in 2002 TimTeam developed a consistent Corporate Design and designed the Manual.
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